Prompt is a personal memory assistant to boost confidence for anyone worried about forgetting. It’s created by Memrica, a UK technology company dedicated to making a difference.

The app is an easy to use visual diary with photos of people and places. Reminders are enhanced by a summary of your shared history with them. Prompt can show information such as your relationship with someone, where you last met and what you normally talk about – or when you were last at this place, what you did there as well as other useful facts you may have stored, such as where you normally park.

Each time you add a new reminder, all these facts are automatically linked to that event or appointment. They can also be found by searching and using questions like ‘When am I meeting my neighbour for lunch?’ or ‘What do I like to eat at Fran’s cafe?’

You can securely share your account with family and carers.

Prompt has been designed with people living with early dementia and brain injury, their carers and clinical experts and can be used by anyone concerned about memory problems.

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