Prompt is a Smart Memory Assistant

For Busy Lives

The stress of juggling multiple demands on our time can make it hard to remember things that matter.

For Senior Moments

Our brain's speed of processing peaks in our 20's and after 35 we find it more difficult to recognise faces, so it's no wonder we all have blank moments!

For Menopause

60% of women approaching and going through the menopause say they feel forgetful and their thinking feels sluggish.

For Chemobrain

A quarter of people who have chemotherapy say their brain feels fuzzy afterwards and they can't quickly recall the things they want to.

For Early Dementia

Anxiety about a diagnosis and forgetting essential infomation can stop people seeing friends and family or getting out and about.

For Crisis Conditions

Stroke and brain injury can be life changing and memory function can be affected. Half of stroke survivors say they've lost their confidence.

Prompt by Memrica is a smartphone app that helps you capture useful background about people and places. Each time you add something, it contributes to a mini profile about that person or place, which is linked to photos and reminders.

So you can always feel confident that you’re prepared for each event.

No more struggling to hide that you can’t remember someone’s partner’s name!

Or realising after you’ve parked that you knew somewhere better!

For you, from Memrica

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