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Setting Goals Using Prompt

Setting Goals Using Prompt

Goal setting is a great tool when you want to feel more in control of your life as well as when you want to make sure to achieve something. This could be as simple as ‘Post Christmas cards by Saturday’ or more a more long term target such as ‘New curtains for the bedroom’ or ‘Walk up the hill without stopping’. A goal is more than something on a do to list because it usually has more than one stage before it can be achieved. Breaking those stages down into steps really helps make a goal feel more manageable and makes it more likely that each step will be achieved. Adding a time element, when the goal should be achieved, also focuses attention!

Using Prompt, you can add both the stages and the goal as a Task or Event. For example, if I want to be able to walk up the hill without stopping by the end of February, I can add this as an event for the end of February, making sure I name the hill. Adding the name of the hill makes sure Prompt can find the right records when you search for them. I can add a daily or weekly schedule for walking up the named hill as a new event. I can record my progress in ‘This moment’ so I can see how far I’ve come week by week. When the end of February reminder pops up, I can look back over my progress by searching for the name of the hill and enjoy the feeling of achievement! If something happens to divert me from my goal, I can always delete it or edit it to set a new timescale or target.

Prompt is a flexible tool to help you organise your days in the way that suits you best!


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