Research that Curcumin, the compound in Turmeric that gives curry its yellow colour, appears to improve memory has hit the headlines. ‘Eat curry to beat dementia’ screamed many headlines.  The research being covered was carried out at University College of Los Angeles and showed that a twice daily 90mg dose of a particular extract of Curcumin, resulted in a 28% improvement in memory tests, reduced levels of depression as well as significantly lower levels of amalyoid plaque and tau tangles (the brain deposits typical of Alzheimer’s Disease).  Although this sounds exciting, this was a very small sample, only 40 people took part, they were all healthy and motivated to persist over 18 months. They were also using a form of Curcumin that had been treated to make it more readily absorbed and available to the body. So, your curry will not have this form of Curcumin in it and eating curry won’t help. It’s very sad that these headlines give people false hope. However, the good news is that more research is planned with a larger sample and we hope the outcomes will be encouraging.

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