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Viagra buy cheap, Cheap viagra online india

Memrica is a multi-award winning start up which creates software to help millions of baby boomers stay socially and physically active to reduce cognitive decline and delay the need for care.

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Innovation Birmingham Campus, Faraday Wharf, Holt Street, Birmingham, England, B7 4BB

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Viagra buy cheap, Cheap viagra online india

Memrica is a multi-award winning start up which creates software to help millions of baby boomers stay socially and physically active to reduce cognitive decline and delay the need for care. Our memory engine drives a trusted companion app for contextual reminders, makes community connections for active enjoyment and learns from life patterns to send alerts to family and trusted third parties if things change. Memrica creates technology that banishes the fear of forgetting and helps older people live life the way they want to.


More Than Reminders

Prompt adds photos and personal context so uses are prepared for their day with confidence


Direct Engagement

Prompt connects you and your clients directly, instantly updating them about events and activities, to build and maintain your community

A Powerful Platform

Organisations introducing Prompt to their clients see better engagement, increased community spirit and higher service satisfaction.

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Send messages, invitations and updates to groups and individuals, with a dashboard overview of actions taken in response, enabling targeted re-engagement

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The visual diary app shows who will be attending, making it more likely others will join in.

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Automatically gather feedback about attendance and engagement with events and activities, giving a deeper insight into your community’s preferences

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Clients can add their own events and notes to the app, invite others to their circle and enjoy a closed, secure social network

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An easy to use interface with no complicated instructions as well as the highest industry standard security gives confidence

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A friendly face on the home screen offers instant one touch calling, when help is needed. Prompt will also detect changes in a user’s life pattern and send an alert if attention is required

Remember What Matters Most

Prompt’s memory engine makes links between the content each user saves to build highly personal mini profiles of the people and places that mean most to them. It’s the kind of information that isn’t easily found online, such as the name of my neighbour’s dog, yet is so important to feel confident about having a great conversation. Users can talk to Prompt! Using the microphone, they can dictate information and also search for anything stored in Prompt simply by asking a question.

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Free Powerful Memory Assistant

Your clients or members get access to our powerful memory assistant App
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Powerful Communication tool

Direct communication tool to your customers and members
How Prompt
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Increased customer engagement

Increasing Social and Physical engagement amongst your customers helps healthy ageing and delays cognitive decline
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Predictive and Preventative Care Analytics

Our powerful Analytics suite provides you with great insights into customer engagement, alerts if health or behaviour deteriorates allowing you to take preventative measures to help keep your customers healthy and happy

Try Prompt Today!

Contact us today to see how you can use prompt to engage with your residents or members to increase attendance, social and physical engagement

About Prompt®

Prompt is designed to help people maintain their social and physical activity as they age gracefully. Research shows that regular connection with friends and family is essential for good mental health and can stave off memory loss; especially when combined with exercise, a good diet and taking care of hearing.

add remove Remember What Matters Most

It offers a visual diary to see what’s coming up every day and which friends are going to be at events

add remove Safe and Secure

It has a secure, closed social network where each user sets their own controls

add remove Predictive and Preventative care analytics

With the user’s permission, the app can learn from life patterns and send alerts to people they trust if change is seen

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Latest Blog Posts

Check out our latest blog posts from how to be proactive in healthy ageing to the latest industry news from the sector