Mary Matthews cropped (2)Memrica’s Founder Mary Matthews is a serial innovator who was one of the UK’s first advocates for using games technologies and techniques for health. She worked with the US Army Medical Research Agency, a videogames developer and several US partners to create a motion controlled game for rehabilitation, was instrumental in founding the UK’s flagship Serious Games Institute. Memrica Prompt has grown from Mary’s personal experience of dementia and other neurological conditions as well as a drive to use technology to make a difference.


Professor Andrew Worthington is a Consultant in Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation and an advisor to Memrica. He is the Director of Clinical Services at Headwise and holds research posts at The Universities of Birmingham and Swansea. Andrew leads Headwise’s work on the use of technology to support people living with cognitive difficulties and has been involved in European research projects. He is a respected author and regularly contributes to peer reviewed papers and journals. He is also regularly invited to speak at national and international conferences on clinical neuropsychology and rehabilitation.


Paul Butcher is a seasoned veteran of the tech start up world and an advisor to Memrica. He was Chief Software Architect for Swifkey, which was acquired by Microsoft, Chief Technical Officer for Texperts and Smartner. Paul has a particular interest in Natural Language Processing.

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