Prompt is designed to help Episodic Memory and Working Memory.

Episodic memory is the stored collection of happenings, impressions, associations and emotions that we recall when we think of a person, place or event. It is unique to each individual, which is why different people don’t always agree on a version of an event! Episodic memory is essential for self identity as it places the individual in relation to other people,places and events.

Working memory is the system that supports attention, concentration and the short term retention of information we need at any one moment.

Damage or stress, through injury or disease, to these systems can reduce our ability to store or encode memories and information as well as the ability to recall it.

Prompt aims to replicate the chains of association used in Episodic Memory, by connecting stored details about people, places and events together. So a photo of a family member or friend is linked to notes, background and events that involve that person. The app supports Working Memory by organising essential information using a visual diary format, so anything a user needs to remember for that day, week or month is immediately visible.

Research shows that the more often a person accesses a memory, the more deeply encoded it becomes; ‘neurons that fire together, wire together’ is often said to illustrate the concept that the brain creates stronger pathways the more often neurons, which are the nerve cells that transmit signals,  travel along them. Prompt encourages users to access stored details as often as possible to help memory storage and retrieval.